The Chicken Ranch is a famous, legal brothel near Las Vegas. According to Nevada law, prostitution is not legal in counties with a population greater than 250,000, so Las Vegas and Clark County are excluded. The Chicken Ranch is in the town of Pahrump, in Nye County, approximately 60 miles away to the West. (Nye County is also where the famous “Area 51” is located.) It has 17 rooms plus three upscale bungalows, the Leghorn bar for initial encounters, and complimentary limo service to and from Las Vegas. Management has also bought nearby Sheri's ranch, formerly a competitor.

The original Chicken Ranch was near LaGrange, Texas and is the subject of the Burt Rey-nolds and Dollie Parton movie, The Best Little Whore House in Texas. The average price for the long menu of options is about $400 per hour, of which the house keeps half. The employees are licensed sex workers, and thus are subject to weekly health checks. Accord-ing to the Chicken Ranch itself, it has never had a problem with any issues associated with illegal prostitution, such as HIV and other STD's.

The original Chicken Ranch started in the 1840's. It received its name because cash was scarce in those days, and the barter systems was used, with the offering most favored being chickens. By 1973 the pressure to close the illegal brothel in Texas became so great that the governor closed it down. It has had a resurgence in Pahrump, Nevada, where its activities are legal.

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Sheri's Ranch Ownership

Sheri's Ranch is owned and operated by a company other than Chicken Ranch

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