Mexican stud is also called Mexican Poker or Stud Loco. It comes in many rules variations, depending on the card room that deals it. Most often it is five card stud, played with “roll your own” rules, a stripped deck, and wild cards.

Five card stud is stud poker played in four betting rounds with the first being after the deal of a hole card and an up card to each player. Then follow three rounds in which one face up card is dealt, followed by betting. Sometimes a showdown is required, but usually all players other than the winner flee the game during or before the last betting round.

“Roll your own” refers to the choice each player has concerning the card to be exposed. In “choose before,” players can choose whether a card to be dealt is face up or down. If the choice is down, the player must turn over any other face down card, so that only one card is face down at a time. This is the most common “roll your own” rule for Mexican Stud. Other possibilities are “choose after,” either simultaneously or in turn (upon acting). Cards are dealt face down, and then players can choose which one to turn over.

A stripped deck has some of the cards taken out. The most common one is missing the deuce through six, which yields a 32 card deck. Other forms take out the 8-9-10, so that 7-J-Q-K-A is a straight. A flush with a stripped deck beats a full house. One or two jokers may be added to the deck. Jokers play as bugs (aces or fillers for straights or flushes) when in face up position, full-blown wild cards if in down position. The “Shifting Sands” rules variation makes each player’s hole card wild for that player only, and that will include any other cards of the same rank in the player’s hand.

Betting usually involves a high ante, as few games go all the way to showdown. The bring-in bet in round one of betting is paid by the player showing the highest card.