Mississippi Stud Poker is a rule variation of normal seven-card stud. There is a casino table game called "Mississippi Stud," but it has nothing to do with real poker. For information on that game, go to Mississippi Stud Table Game.

The problem with conventional seven-card stud was the lack of a pot-limit or no-limit variation. (The usual betting rule is fixed limit for two betting rounds and then double that for two rounds.)

The variation is that in the second round (after the hole cards and one up card are dealt), the dealer gives each player two more cards face up. (Thus, fourth street and fifth street are merged.) Then the sixth and the seventh street cards are dealt face up. This means that cards 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 are exposed prior to the last betting round, and only the hole cards are hidden.

With 5 exposed cards, the high hand for purposes of starting a betting round can include any four- or five-card hand.

In a slightly different rule variation of Mississippi Stud, called Murrumbidgee Stud, the number 3 card is not dealt face up, and two of the three (unexposed) hole cards must be used in the combination for score.