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The purpose of this page is to warn all visitors to Vegas about a really nasty element. While the vast majority of Las Vegas's naughty establishments are on the up and up like this list of Las Vegas strip clubs, there are some businesses out there whose purpose is to rip people off. If you have had a bad experience, please post it to the forum to warn others.

These lowbrow crooks really give Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America - even the entire human race - a bad name. They are parasites and I sincerely hope that this page contributes to such establishments going out of business so that no one ever gets taken in by these folks again.

With hundreds of thousands of first times visitors circulating through the city each year, Las Vegas is not only sin city but the conditions are perfect for its lesser known, but no less deserving title, scam city. The sin and the scam are typically not unrelated.

Clip Joints

The sheer number of new visitors arriving in the city each year looking for sin (read: prostitution) and the fact that this particular little sin is ILLEGAL in Las Vegas provide the right alchemy for this nasty scam to flourish. ”Clip Joints” (not to be confused with legitimate strip clubs however pricey they may be) are evil establishments set up for the sole purpose of swindling their customers out of money through high pressure sales techniques peppered with heavy insinuations that sexual services are available on their premises - services they have no intention of providing and which are ILLEGAL in Las Vegas - and delivered with a dash of implied physical violence if the “client” decides they don’t want to pay up for the overpriced and imaginary services.

If you enter such an establishment, expect the night to end with a conflict, you being taken for a very large sum of money and probably both. In either case, what you won’t get is sex.

These establishments have no repeat business and don’t expect it. They devour their sheep and eat them for dinner rather than tenderly sheering them for their wool as done by the legitimate establishments in town. They figure there will be more sheep.

A typical scenario runs something like this:

An eager man, group of men or perhaps even a couple looking for an adventure cross paths with an unscrupulous cabbie or some other freelance promoter who sells them on the idea of a local club with beautiful women where pay for play action is available - a “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” sort of enticement.

Cabbies and other unprincipled touts have a financial interest in bringing visitors because the clip joints offer them the highest commissions - perhaps two, three or more times what legitimate establishments offer.

Upon arrival, clients typically have to pay a cover to get in, much if not all of which will go to the cabbie or tout that delivered them. Upon entry, many of these places can be quite alluring with well stocked bars, sultry décor and a bevy of scantily clad women lounging about. Once inside, however, the girls, bartenders, waiters, management and bouncers collude to find every conceivable way to con clients out of their last dollar from outrageously expensive drinks and limo rides to pricey special private services (where expected sexual favors are NEVER delivered) all of which are designed to lead clients to believe they are just one more step away from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The typical sales pitch goes something like this: “How about a bottle of Champaign for the lady? Look, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas so we don’t sell sex here. We sell $300 bottles of campaign, get my drift? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Get your lady a bottle of Champaign and she’ll make your wildest fantasies come true in the VIP room.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The reality is that after one lays down a sizeable sum of cash, their “lady” will likely try to extract even more by presenting yet another costly level one must surmount in order to get to the promised land: “Oh that $300? That was only the cost of the Champaign and the VIP room which goes to the club, if you want to get physical, I’ll need a $300 tip.” – a tip that, if paid, will only lead to more disappointment.

If a customer makes the mistake of taking matters into his own hands by actually initiating sex with their lady, a couple large, unfriendly bouncers will swoop in to rescue her from her client turned assailant.

Whatever the case, the experience more often than not concludes with a conflict over money. Customers will be over-billed, may have run out of money, surely won’t feel they got what was promised, will likely demand a refund, and usually all of the above with the evening ending with the disillusioned patron deciding that it is best just to pay the egregious sum demanded and be done with it. (This, rather than escalating the conflict with the increasingly unfriendly and intimidating staff). If the client becomes obstinate and refuses to pay their inflated bill (which will surely reach in the multiples of a hundred, if not a thousand) things could get ugly.

These businesses flourish despite all of this because it is technically they who are operating within the limits of the law. It is the client who has technically committed a crime by soliciting sex, trying to leave without paying their bill, and may have sexually assaulted one of the girls (by confusing the insinuations with an actual invitation and making the mistake of touching one) or even assault and battery on a bouncer by hitting the bouncer’s fist with one’s face.

Upon entering one of these establishments, the client is typically helpless. The way to defeat these evil establishments is to never go into one in the first place. If a cabbie tries to take you to such a place, the cabbie is no friend of yours, tell him to take a flying ****.

We have published this little page, not to encourage prostitution or to defend sex tourists, but with the goal of exposing and publicizing the misdeeds of these rouge enterprises in the hope that they all go out of business.

Note: Prostitution IS legal in Nevada outside of Clark County at such establishments as the Chicken Ranch where, though extremely expensive, at least one gets what they expected. For prostitution within Las Vegas, many casinos are rife with “casino girls.” If an attractive girl roaming about a casino gives you the eye, don’t flatter yourself, you’ve probably just found one.

Trick Rolls

Trick rolls is a general term for various forms of robbery perpetrated by prostitutes against their clients. Such scams can range from a simple pilfering of items from a client’s hotel room to more elaborate drugging schemes and violent shake downs. These crimes are seldom reported by clients for fear of public embarrassment.

Escort Service Scams

These are basically clip joints on wheels. Escort scams occur when someone agrees to pay an escort a sum of money for the (implied) promise of a sexual encounter, usually in their hotel room. When the, typically female, escort arrives (who is rarely the attractive model pictured in the advertisement) payment is demanded, then perhaps some meager service performed such as a five minute dance, which is followed by further solicitations for an (implied) sexual services at an additional cost (which will also not result in a sexual service).

When pressed, the escort denies that a sexual encounter was agreed to and perhaps reminds the client that prostitution is illegal. Whatever the excuse may be for non-performance, full payment will be expected. Should a dispute arise, her large and rather mean “bodyguard,” who has been waiting nearby, will arbitrate (read: threaten the unwitting client until full payment is made).

Escort cons are most commonly found in ads and brochures distributed by cabbies and other unprincipled touts.

There ARE places where you can find prostitutes in Las Vegas. There are many inside some of the edgier casinos downtown and along the Las Vegas Strip. The only place prostitution is legal is outside of Las Vegas at rural outposts such as the Chicken Ranch. You can click here to order Viagra from a trusted source.

All things considered, you should probably avoid the whole scene and sign up at BangBros and save all the expense and potential problems.

In the immortal words of Vincent Vegas from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction "walk out the door, get in the car, go home, jerk off... and that's all you gonna do."

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clip joints

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